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Equipment: PC Series Strong crushing machine
Equipment Type: Mixing Equipment -> Others
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Main Features: It adopts imported high-quality tool steel, special cutting-tool. It is specially durable. The installation of the cutting tool can be adjusted. The cutting tool can be sharpened again and again. Its use life is very long.
Description: The material of the moving cutting knife stand is T7A high-quality tool steel. Its hardness and softness is reasonable. It is not easily broken or worn, it adopts high-strength steel screw (8. 8grade) to fix it. The structure is film and durable. The main body is Q235A thick-wall, high-quality steel to avoid that the machine is used for a long time and affect its mechanical performance.

>The axle core of the machine is fished processmg once to ensure concentric clrcle and verticality error is not larger than 0.05mm.. Each part has reference hole. Twice rough fish and fine finshing  are carried out. The past has strong changeability and high precision.

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